12:00 - 1:00 PM

Ramsey County Courthouse  - Room 42

15 West Kellogg Blvd

St. Paul, MN

Safe Harbor or Lost at Sea: Effectively Using Safe Harbors to Protect Therapy Records.

Save the date! Please join us January 12, 2018 at the Ramsey County Courthouse for a Lunch & Learn 

Michael Boulette of the Messerli & Kramer P.A. and Thomas Pearson of Pearson Quinlivan, PLC will be  guest speakers.

Description:  For children going through contested custody cases, the privacy of their therapist’s office may be one of the few safe places to discuss their feelings and frustrations. Over the years, practitioners have developed “safe harbor” agreements to protect children’s therapy records from prying eyes. But just what is a “safe harbor,” and how safe is it?


Family law attorney Michael Boulette and Thomas Pearson, counsel to the Minnesota Psychological Association, discuss the legal foundation for safe harbors, as well as their uses, abuses, and best practices for lawyers, mental health practitioners, and court professionals.


Speaker Bios:

Mike Boulette, Esq.is a divorce lawyer, legal blogger, and adjunct law professor in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He regularly writes and lectures on marriage, divorce, and child custody, authoring articles for local and national legal publications. He has been quoted on a variety of family law topics by media sources, including the Star Tribune, Forbes.com, the Fiscal Times, and the Wall Street Journal. He practices with Messerli and Kramer. You can find his full bio at http://family-in-law.com/michaelboulette and https://www.messerlikramer.com/attorney/michael-p-boulette.


Thomas A. Pearson, Esq.is a founding member of Pearson Quinlivan, PLC, a civil litigation firm located in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. He has been practicing law in Minnesota since 1978. Pearson Quinlivan, PLC has extensive experience in civil litigation and in federal and state administrative proceedings including numerous jury trials, bench trials, disciplinary and licensing proceedings, and appellate advocacy. Typical clients include insurance companies, large and small businesses, and health professionals