February 2016 Half Day Conference

Court-Involved Therapy for Young Children:  When, What & How

February 12, 2016

8:30am to Noon

University of Minnesota- St. Paul Campus 



AFCC-MN  is sponsoring a half-day continuing education seminar on therapeutic intervention for young children caught up in parenting time disputes. Attendees will receive information about the nuts and bolts of doing therapy with young children in these situation, the pitfalls for therapists doing court involved therapy, relevant issues for court proceedings; and a proposed model order and the AFCC guidelines regarding best practices. 

Marie-Gabrielle Reed, PhD, LP will address effective therapeutic modalities and speak as a clinician regarding the pitfalls/best practices of child therapy in the context of family court - when parents are aligned against each other and the child is placed in the therapeutic middle.

David Gapen, Esq. and Sonja Larson, Esq. will present a family law perspective on the unique challenges for attorneys representing parents whose children's therapeutic issues are brought into the courtroom.  

There will be a panel discussion with members from the Boards of Psychology, Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy. They will address questions about the special challenges that sometimes occur when doing court involved therapy results in conflicts with the ethics requirements set by professional boards. 

Michael Boulette, Esq and Nancy Berg, Esq will unveil a model order. The document will provide attorneys with a starting point when drafting a proposed order for child therapy to submit to the Court.


$120 For AFCC-MN Members/Guardian ad litems/Public Employees
$140 For Non-Members/Other Professionals


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