January 25 Lunch & Learn

12:00 - 1:00 PM

Hennepin County Family Justice Center  - Room 172

110 South 4th Street, Minneapolis


Judicial Oversight and Support of Parenting Consultants

Join us for an hour-long panel discussion on the topic of Judicial Oversight and Support of Parenting Consultants. The panelists will discuss the judicial response to some of the most frustrating family law conundrums facing parenting consultants today including:

  • How PC appointments should and could be written
  • What the bench does and does not want to see from PCs
  • What to do about unilateral refusals to cooperate post-appointment
  • Viable options when one or both parties lack the funds to continue

Our distinguished speakers include:

Judge Patrick D. Robben

Referee Richard Stebbins

Referee Holly Knight


AFCC-MN members register for free!

$15 for non-members