November 7 Half Day Conference

Alternative Dispute Resolution Ethics Board—We’re here to help….REALLY! 


 Continuing Education and Conference Center

1890 Buford Avenue

St. Paul, MN 55108 

Room 155

Continental Breakfast: 8:00 am – 8:30 am

Program: 8:30 am  12:30 pm  


$70 for AFCC-MN Members

$140 for Non-Members


 AFCC-MN is applying for 3 hours of continuing education credit for this event.

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AFCC-MN is hosting a half-day continuing education seminar on Alternative Dispute Resolution Ethics Board—We’re here to help….REALLY!

Featuring: Karen Irvin, Mike Black, Referee Richard Stebbins

This panel of representatives of the ADR Ethics Board will delve into best practices for mediators, parenting consultants, parenting time expeditors, and arbitrators.  They will discuss common complaints received by the board in each of these areas and recommendations for avoiding complaints.  They will review the complaint process and  how ADR professionals should respond to complaints.  They will also present a model for ethical decision making.  The presentations and discussions will emphasize revisions to Rule 114 that have been submitted by the ADR Board to the State Supreme Court for approval. 

Participants will learn:

1. Distinguish between ethical and unethical practice in PC, PTE, Mediation, and Arbitration practice in Minnesota.

2. Recognize and avoid the most common ethical violations in each practice area.

3. Locate resources for guidance in creating appointing orders and fee agreements.

4. Create and apply a model for ethical decision making.

5. Create a credible response to an ADR Board complaint.

 ADR Checklist

Featured Speakers:

Karen Irvin:

Karen received her bachelor’s degree from Ball State University, majoring in secondary education.  After teaching at the secondary level for six years, she obtained her master’s and doctorate in Family Social Science from the University of Minnesota.  She worked with Hennepin County Court Services Domestic Relations Division in Minneapolis, MN for six years, serving as a mediator, counselor, and custody evaluator, and working in a supervisory capacity for four of the six years.  Dr. Irvin has been in private practice as the owner and director of Minnesota Mediation & Counseling Center since 1981.  She recently retired from her clinical practice in which she specialized in working with separating and divorcing individuals, couples, and families, providing mediation, parenting consulting, custody evaluations, and closure therapy.  She has also provided mediation and parenting consulting workshops and training throughout the United States and internationally.  Dr. Irvin was on the marriage and family therapy faculty of Argosy University for six years and is currently adjunct faculty in the Marriage and Family Program of  St. Mary’s University.     She presently serves as Chair of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Ethics Board.  Dr. Irvin’s current professional focus is teaching, training, and consultation.

Mike Black:

Mike has been practicing law in St. Paul as a sole practitioner since 1978, concentrating in family law. He is a 1975 graduate of St. John’s University and obtained his law degree from the University of Wisconsin Law School in 1978. Beginning in 2016, Mike has devoted his entire practice to alternative dispute resolution services, acting as a mediator, arbitrator, FENE neutral,SENE neutral and parenting consultant. He has been on the court of appeals family mediation panel since September 2008. Mike is currently a member of the ADR Ethics Board and the Second District Ethics Committee.

Richard Stebbins: 

Richard has worked as a family court referee in Hennepin County since January 2013.  Prior to that he practiced primarily in the area of family law for about 20 years, most recently with Collins, Buckley, Sauntry and Haugh in St. Paul.  He is a member of the State ADR Ethics Board, the State Early Case Management/ENE Committee, the AFCC Board of Directors and has recently served on the State Legislative Commission on Surrogacy.