AFCC MN 2022 Annual Film Night – April 12

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Please join us for our annual AFCC MN Film Night, a special virtual screening of the film RACE to be Human.

Co-Hosted by:
St. Thomas Black Lawyers Association
St. Thomas Law School – Family Law Society
Web-hosting by OurFamilyWizard

Date: April 12th 5:00pm – 7:05pm

Where: Virtual

2 Credits of CLE: Elimination of Bias: Pending


RACE to be Human is a documentary that addresses the impact of race and racism on our mental health as told through the lens of students, experts and educators, as well as how we can collectively move toward dignity and respect. RTBH explores how to foster healthy conversations about race and racism. RTBH is appropriate for ages 10 years old and up. RACE to be Human is on a mission: to join the global conversation and raise awareness with a more comfortable and positive approach. This 46-minute documentary shares micro-stories to define commonly used terms we all use when talking about racism.

The film delves into the effects of race and racism on individuals and our communities with:

  • Candid interviews with kids and teens, who discuss their experiences with race and racism, and its impact on their lives and relationships.
  • Expert perspectives on the history, present-day occurrences, and effects of racism.
  • Essential definitions and guidelines that help create safe spaces for cross-cultural dialogues about race and racism.
  • Discussion around allyship, as well as what action and accountability may look like to start shaping a more inclusive and equitable society today.

5:00- Introductions and Welcome – Special Word from Co-Hosts
5:05 Film Screening of RACE to be Human
6:05 Discussion led by Dr. Cerise Lewis, PhD, LMFT, LPCC, CTMH, NCC and Judge Charlene Hatcher
7:05 Adjourn

AFCC-MN Members – $20
Non-Members – $35
Students – Free!

Film Night Facilitators:

  Dr. Cerise Lewis, PhD, LMFT, LPCC, CTMH, NCC: Link to BIO

  Judge Charlene Hatcher, Presiding Judge, Family Law Division: Link to BIO