Chemical Health and Parenting Capacity – Proper use of chemical health evaluations and other investigative tools

Join us for our 1 hour Lunch & Learn presentation to hear what elements constitute comprehensive chemical health evaluations and which investigative services are available when substance use in parents is known or alleged and parenting capacity is questioned.



  • Attendees will learn:
  • Elements of a comprehensive chemical dependency evaluation
  • Limitations of a Rule 25 evaluation and how it is not appropriate for litigation
  • What a report from a LADC (Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor) should at a minimum include
  • Benefits of using a LADC rather than a mental health professional who has not been licensed to assess and treat SUDs (Substance Use Disorder)
  • Minimum considerations when creating a toxicology testing plan
  • List of services (fact finding activities) a private investigator familiar with the pattern of behaviors in individuals with problematic substance use can provide to assist the parties, attorneys, neutrals and judicial officers


Dottie Conroy, private detective at Minnesota Monitoring

Evan Lieberman MSW, LGSW, LADC, Mental & Behavioral Health Practitioner and Entrepreneur in the Twin Cities area.

Presenter information:

Dottie Conroy has assisted many attorneys with complex family cases, including ones that involve parents with substance abuse issues. Through her investigative work, she uncovers useful/detailed information about a parent’s substance abuse problem, or absence thereof, and she documents it in a way that is helpful to the case and can be formally presented in court. Dottie has extensive training and experience in the areas of open source intelligence, covert operations & surveillance, interviewing and interrogation techniques, financial data analysis, asset searches, background investigations etc. Dottie’s ability to find facts where suspicion rests, allows the attorneys to prepare their case and get an ideal outcome for the family.

Evan Lieberman serves client’s in the legal system and performs chemical health and mental health evaluations for lawyers, probation officers, child protection workers and other legal professionals. Evan provides offenders (in the legal system with substance abuse related charges) with programming aimed at reducing recidivism and holistically treating the causes of their use through clinical interventions. Evan founded Hybrid Counseling in 2014, co-founded Coordinated Recovery (substance use and mental health recovery specialty housing providing clinical services for men an LGBTQ residents) , The Helpers (a recruitment and staffing firm specializing in behavioral health organizations), and was one of the early providers in the twin cities to utilize Telehealth for therapy and chemical health assessments. Evan is a regular speaker at multiple behavioral health clinical post-graduate programs including the University of Minnesota Integrative Behavioral Health Program.  Evan’s mission has been to make chemical health services more accessible while guiding clients and families to the best treatment options for them.