March 13 Lunch & Learn Appointment of a Special Master in custody and parenting time cases:

As the use of Special Masters in custody and parenting time cases increases, this lunch & learn will provide practical information about the appointment process, the role of the Special Master, and suitability considerations in particular case types.

This lunch & learn will be a 60-minute introduction to Rule 53 Special Master appointments for ADR neutrals, attorneys, mental health professionals, guardians ad litem, and officers of the court.


Attendees will learn:


What is a Special Master and how the role differs from an ADR neutral;
The process for appointment under Rule 53;
Beneficial versus questionable appointment scenarios;
Interdisciplinary considerations when appointments are made without the consent of the parties.


Tanja K. Manrique


Presenter information:

Tanja Manrique is a senior judge for the State of Minnesota and an ADR neutral.  Previously, she served as the presiding judge of the family court for the 4th judicial district.  Tanja was the lead judge on the judicial branch initiative to expand implementation of Early Case Management and Early Neutral Evaluation to each of Minnesota’s ten judicial districts.  Prior to joining the family court bench, Tanja served in criminal court, drug court, and juvenile court. She co-chaired the Hennepin County Family Violence Coordinating Council and in that capacity led the initiative to develop the State’s first domestic violence court.  Since 2010, she has provided ADR and case management services at Tanja K. Manrique LLC in Minneapolis.