October 29, 2015
12:00 noon- 1:30 p.m.

Gray Plant Mooty
1010 West Saint Germain
Saint Cloud, MN

Farming is unique from most businesses.  If you have ever worked on a case involving a farm divorce or hope to in the future, you know that coming up with an accurate accounting of income and assets can at times be burdensome.  The need to go beyond just looking at the tax return and dig deeper into each clients’ “documents” is vital for a true equitable division.  Jana Aune Deach, Perry Long and Cindy Gleason will share methods and examples to account for all the income and assets.

Perry S. Long (CFP®, CDFA™, president and owner of Long Range Financial, Inc. and Long Range Divorce Financial Analysts, Inc.) has been working in the financial services industry since 1989. Perry grew up in Southern Minnesota and is familiar with farming and farm operations, having worked on several family farms during his adolescence. He currently has multiple clients who are involved in farming. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, Perry specializes in helping family law attorneys and their clients navigate the financial complexities of marital dissolution. Perry has worked on numerous high-net-worth divorce cases involving complex asset division, including performing lifestyle analysis for clients with seven-figure incomes, and tracing marital and non-marital funds for asset division. He has testified in the district courts of Minnesota and assisted family law attorneys with the financial aspects of complex cases, some of which have gone to the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Perry completed his Rule 114 Mediation Training in 2012 and Financial Early Neutral Evaluation (FENE) Training in 2013.

Jana Aune Deach, JD In her family law practice, Jana Aune Deach is a compassionate advocate for her clients and their children.  Knowledgeable, responsive, and compassionate, Jana is committed to understanding her clients’ positions and works as an advocate for their interests.  Whenever possible, it is Jana’s goal to move her clients toward resolution outside the courtroom, as this almost always results in the least detrimental effect upon the family.  However, in situations where the parties simply cannot resolve an issue, Jana is fully prepared to represent her client’s interests in the courtroom setting.

Cindy S. Gleason (CFP®, ChFC®, CDFA®, Mediator, owner of Gleason Resource Group and Gleason Financial Group) has been a financial professional since 1990.  She provides advanced divorce financial analysis and guidance to both counsel and clients during the process of dissolution.  Cindy grew up and worked on the family farm and managed the operation after her father’s death between 1981 until 2000, which provided the basis for understanding farming from the ground up.  She has performed analysis and testified as a financial expert in many farm and business cases, some of which have gone to the Iowa appellate courts.  She also co-trains attorneys in both Iowa’s 40 hour mediation training requirement and collaborative law trainings for full and abbreviated teams.  She is a highly requested financial neutral in several Iowa court districts.  In 2014 Cindy received her Elder Care Mediation training with the intention of helping farm and business families mediate the complexities of their estate plans and potentially reducing the number of fractured families after the passing of parents and grandparents.

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