Matthew Shore


Matthew Shore is a member dedicated to the advancement of AFCC MN and its goals of supporting families, practitioners and the courts.  He is an active member of AFCC’s Board of Directors.  He also serves on the  Education Committee where he contributes his time, efforts and ideas.   Matthew recently co-chaired the very well received April 2014 Lunch and Learn “Informing the Court about Mental Illness.”


About Matthew

Matthew works as a mediator, parenting consultant, custody evaluator, and child specialist at Moxie Inc. Prior to devoting himself exclusively to Family Court related concerns over eight years ago, Matthew worked as a child protection worker at Hennepin County, a victim advocate with the San Francisco District Attorney’s office, a case manager of young defendants facing felony drug charges, and with emotionally disturbed adolescents in both a residential and hospital setting. As a licensed clinical social worker, Matthew brings his wide-ranging experience and training to his work with families facing tough times. In navigating the turbulent waters of high conflict divorce, Matthew always works to keep the children at the center of his thinking.

In his spare time, Matthew tends to spend the bulk of his time acting as chauffeur to his teenage daughters, watching as much soccer as he can, walking his beloved dog Emmitt, and, for the most part, just trying to slow down a bit.