Member in the Spotlight – Marie Jose Brizard

This Quarter AFCC-MN is proud to highlight Marie Jose Brizard as our member in the spotlight.

Thank you, Marie Jose, for your support of AFCC MN!

Marie José Brizard is this year’s recipient of the Conflict Resolution Center annual “Spirit of Peace” award given to volunteer mediators who embody the spirit of peace in their personal and professional lives.

Marie José has contributed her time for years serving on the education committee of the Minnesota’s chapter of the AFCC helping organize its Lunch and Learns and half day conferences.

Marie José is the principal at Parenting Through Transition LLC. She divides her work between mediation, consulting and coaching services. She specializes on hostility ridden co-parenting, parenting time and custody disputes. Marie José describes her approach to be largely guided by the work of other invaluable AFCC members such as (to name a few) Nancy Ver Steegh, Marsha Kline Pruett, Bill Eddy, Jeffrey Wittmann, and Philip Stahl. A common thread in Marie José’s work is her passion to assess and address her clients’ capacity to self-determine as affected by domestic abuse, substance use disorder, harassment, trauma, and access to justice.

Marie José assists her clients in identifying the sources of power imbalance and hostility. Her greatest reward is seeing her clients make decisions no longer basing them on confusion and fear but, on facts, newly acquired knowledge, skills and confidence.

M.J. Bauer, Executive Director for the Conflict Resolution Center says,
“Marie approaches her work with thoughtfulness, empathy, and compassion for the needs of all the mediation participants. She skillfully employs mediation techniques to help individuals work through the layers of issues to help resolve conflict in a peaceful and productive way. We are fortunate to have her as a volunteer Mediator at CRC.”