Mindy Mitnick



Mindy Mitnick is this month’s member in the spotlight because she has been and continues to be a  leader in promoting the interest of children and families in family court proceedings.  She has trained professionals throughout the country in child development issues as it relates to parenting time schedules and in assessing allegations of sexual abuse in contested custody proceedings.  Her contributions to continuing education on issues relating to child custody/parenting time and forensic work are too numerous to mention.  She has a demonstrated ability to critique social science research regarding the interrelationship between child development and parenting time.  This past year, she has devoted much of her time serving as a member of the Custody Dialogue Group.  If Minnesota is able to achieve important and necessary revisions to the outdated best interest factors used in custody/parenting time determinations, it will be due in significant part to the contributions made by Mindy as part of the Custody Dialogue Group. Thanks, Mindy for your dedication to AFCC and its mission.

About Mindy

Mindy F. Mitnick is a Licensed Psychologist practicing in Minneapolis. She received a Master of Education from Harvard University and a Master of Arts from the University of Minnesota. She specializes in complex custody, criminal and civil litigation cases, working as an evaluator, Parenting Consultant and expert witness. Ms. Mitnick has trained professionals throughout the country about developmental issues in parenting schedules, effective interventions in high-conflict divorce, assessing allegations of sexual abuse, and the appropriate use of psychological testing. She has been a speaker for the National Child Protection Training Center, Minnesota CLE, National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse, the Ontario Office of the Children’s Lawyer, and numerous statewide training conferences across the country. Ms. Mitnick served on the Minnesota Supreme Court Task Force on Parental Cooperation and the American Bar Association working group to update guidelines for child witnesses in criminal cases. She served on the AFCC Task Force on Court-Involved Therapy and is a board member of both AFCC and the Minnesota Chapter of AFCC